40 Days to Total Wellbeing

Our program for complete transformation.

The “Wellness” Problem

Our culture has taught us an “outside in” approach to wellness.

For a long time, we have bought into the idea that when we achieve more, have more, become more, THEN we can feel good about ourselves.

Using this approach has left us stressed out, and chasing a sense of peace and happiness that we hope to find “out there.”

We know that lasting happiness and a sense of wellbeing is generated inside and flows out into the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that stress is the “greatest epidemic of our time.” The average rate of major depression in the U.S. has increased over 40% in the last seven years. *Over 31% of U.S. adults are wrestling (*The National Institute of Mental Health) with anxiety disorders leaving 87% of U.S. workers feeling emotionally disconnected from their workplace and less likely to be productive. (Gallup: State of the workforce 2017).

This tells us the approaches we have been taking to wellness are not working.

What can we do instead?

We get it.

Many of us are working with a physician, a therapist, you might have a gym membership, and go to yoga classes.

Maybe you are working with a life coach and an energy healer.

However this leaves you alone in the process of integration and your best life is still waiting in the wings for you to fully embrace it!

Finally, True Wellness, From the Inside Out.

We want to help you turn your journey of wellbeing inside out so that you can have integrated tools and support for long lasting health and a total sense of wellbeing.

Our super team includes an Osteopathic Doctor, Neurobiologist, Psychologist, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and a Shaman.

We have developed an approach to walk you through the four cornerstones of optimal health: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Well Being.  

With our 40 Days to Total Wellbeing, we walk with you through each of the cornerstones to create a customized approach to your optimal health so you can feel good and live your best life.  

We walk you through:

  • Your vital statistics – what are the microbiomes in your gut telling us about your greatest health risks and most efficient avenues forward to optimal health?
  • Your DNA – what in the ancestral inheritance of your DNA telling us about what nutrients your body needs to be fueled properly to live your dreams?
  • Your daily habits – how do your financial habits and your living environment support or detract from you feeling good?  
  • Personal Courage – how can you show up more authentically in all areas of your life?
  • Connections – who are your people and how can you begin connecting more deeply to them?
  • Emotional resilience – what practices will help you navigate change and bounce back after disappointment?
  • Mindfulness – cultivate a deep sense of presence in each moment
  • Growth Mindset – what negative thought habits derail you and how to cultivate a more positive psychology focused on growth?
  • Sense of purpose – what really matters to you and what gifts do you have to share with the people around you?
  • Storykeeping – how do you tell your personal stories?  The story of your organization? How to craft new and better stories to leave a positive legacy.
  • Tradition – what traditions matter to you and how can you create new traditions that fill the soul and live on in your family and organization?
  • Give Back – Find simple ways to share the wisdom and gifts with the world around you.

Here’s What You Get in the 40 Day Program

  • Group coaching with an Osteopathic Doctor, Neurobiologist, Psychologist, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Shaman.
  • Unlimited texts and calls with your Wellbeing Coach.
  • Custom game plan that is reviewed by the entire team
  • Access to a private FB group where you can ask the team questions and support one another.
  • Lifetime access to our extensive video library for motivational mindsets, daily meditations, daily movement and workouts, the science behind healthy change, positive psychology and much more.
  • Over 100 page workbook filled with reflective questions and activities to lead you forward and track your progress.
  • An inspirational book we can’t wait to share with you!
  • Recipe book
  • Other fun surprises!

What Are You Waiting For?
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