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Why “Naughty Shaman”?

Our culture has taught us an outside in approach to wellness.

For a long time, we have bought into the idea that when we achieve more, have more, become more, THEN we can feel good about ourselves.

Using this approach has left us stressed out and chasing a sense of peace and happiness that we hope to find “out there.”

We know that lasting happiness and a sense of wellbeing is generated inside and flows out into the world.

It’s time to go against the grain of the mainstream approach to wellness and reclaim our power to prevent illness, generate healing and go into the world with our souls ablaze.

Our Mission

We are fired up to help you remember how powerful your are!

Your body knows how to heal, your mind knows how to function in peace and clarity and your energy system is the blueprint to it all.

We are on a mission to educate people about how the mind, body, emotion and energetic system are connected so they can heal on all levels so they can lead, love and live with meaning and purpose.

Our programs go deeper than gym memberships or doing regular yoga

We help individuals and organizations make a true commitment to wellbeing. We want to equip you with the strategies, tools and support you need to make lasting change so you can crush your life goals.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

About Headshot Natalie

Natalie Griffin

Founder & CEO; Wellbeing Coach

Natalie is the founder and CEO of Naughty Shaman. She believes in human potential and sees that now is the time for creative and positive manifestation in the world. As Director of Executive Education for Nationwide Financial, she was published in the Harvard Business Review and featured in the book, On Developing Leaders, by the Harvard Business Review, for her forward thinking on Leadership Development. Natalie is now the Director at The Center for Shamanic Arts in Connecticut, U.S. She has combined the ancient teachings of the shamans of Peru with a Cognitive Based Therapy and Ontological Coaching models to help people achieve lasting transformation.
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Her passion is to blend science, legend, energetic health and positive psychology into powerful programs for clients. Because of her diverse background, she is equally comfortable at work in a sweat lodge or in the board room. She has had the privilege to work with indigenous nations and corporate leaders in the U.S. and abroad. With over 7000 hours coaching individuals and 10,000 hours leading transformational group sessions, she has the experience and expertise to help you crush your goals, feel good about yourself and create the life you love. She holds certificates in Shamanic Energy Healing, E-RYT 200 Yoga Teacher, Reiki, Ontological Coaching and holds the designation through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) of a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Natalie has been teaching and coaching in Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Croatia and North America.
About 18 c

Dr. Thao Doran

Wellbeing Coach

Dr. Thao Doran has practiced medicine for over 14 years. She is a Board Certified Osteopathic Family Physician who is trained to focus on health and disease prevention through the use of complementary means. By blending traditional and alternative medicine, she helps guide clients onto the path of optimal wellness. Dr. Doran was medically trained at Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh in Family Medicine, Medical School Lake Erie College of Osteopath Medicine and Muhlenberg College. She is also certified as a Reiki Master, Sound Healer, and a teacher of Tui Na, a Chinese approach to healing.
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She is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, Lifestyle Medicine and the Connecticut State Medical Society. It her her passion to be a bridge between allopathic medicine and more holistic alternative treatments. By combining these approaches, we have the power to prevent illness and have a radiant and long life!
About Headshot Matthew Mund

Matthew Mund

Wellbeing Coach

Matt has a fantastic blend of discipline and soulfulness that he brings to everything he does. Matt is the owner of mission FITNESS and has recently celebrated 10 successful years of committing to the community’s health. Matt has been a Certified Personal Trainer for 12 years, is a practicing Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and has a BA in Sociology.

Matt believes the body can heal itself, by itself. He takes an integrative and holistic approach to help you achieve your best life. His specialty is helping clients identify the areas that make up their Total Wellbeing and targets imbalances to maximize life improvements.
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Matt has completed several marathons (including qualifying for the Boston Marathon 4x and running it 2x), Half Ironman, Lake Placid Full Ironman, and Ultra trail races. Matt is also on the board of Open Doors Outdoors, a non-profit organization to help military veterans suffering with PTSD. In May he raised $11,000 by doing 3,144 pull ups in 12 hours for this cause that he strongly supports.

Matt lives in Glastonbury, CT with his wife Megan and their two daughters, Skyla and Scarlett. He enjoys hiking in the White Mountains and locally whenever he can, trail running, cooking, reading, and spending quality time with his family.

Meet Our Community Leaders

About suzanne c

Dr. Suzanne Meunier

Connection Coach, Shamanic Practitioner

Suzanne Meunier, Ph.D. is a balancing force on the team grounded in scientifically supported principles of change and connected to the magic of the multidimensional universe. She is passionate about helping people to rediscover their worthiness and capacity for deep connection. She is a seeker of ancient and modern wisdom and works to integrate a wide variety of teachings into simple and accessible practices. She earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology and has expertise in cognitive behavioral therapy. She also incorporates positive psychology practices that help individuals to develop resilience and breakthrough perceived limitations to flourish.
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The challenges of attempting to create closeness in relationships prompted her to study shamanism, bhakti yoga, and energy medicine to gain an even broader understanding of the possible barriers to deep connection. She has learned the power of holding sacred space to facilitate people in accessing their capacity for profound transformation. It would be her honor to support you.

*Due to the ethical guidelines of the American Psychological Association, Suzanne Meunier, Ph.D. is unable to conduct coaching or healing sessions with current or former therapy clients. Please feel free to contact her for referrals to other providers.

About BECKY c

Dr. Rebecca Acabchuk

Wellbeing Coach

Rebecca is powerhouse coach with a passion for wellness on all levels. Becky has a PhD in Neurobiology and Physiology, and conducts research at the University of Connecticut on meditation, yoga, mindfulness-based practices to improve mental well-being. Becky teaches university courses in Neuroscience of Meditation and Health Psychology. She also leads Mindfulness Workshops tailored for a wide variety of audiences including workplace, recovery groups, sport teams, caregivers, schools, and more. She has been teaching meditation and mindfulness to the UConn Football team and Women’s Hockey team, and
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co-leading an international Mindfulness Workshop in Croatia for scientists and clinicians in the European Health Psychology Society, along with Natalie Griffin and Suzanne Meunier. Becky’s workshops combine inspiring stories and transformational experiential learning with hardcore scientific evidence. Her passion is teaching behavior change techniques to create lasting change in mental wellbeing. Becky has been teaching yoga, meditation and other wellness classes since 2005, with over 1000+ hours of teaching experience.
About ming wu c

Dr. Ming Wu

Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor

Ming Wu, Ph.D is a doctor of Chinese Medicine and a 20th generation practitioner of Fengyang Taoist Chinese Medicine – the only one teaching in the United States. He is also a Master Qi Gong and Tai Chi practitioner.

Dr. Ming Wu has studied Fengyang Chinese Medicine his whole life, beginning training with his father Mu Qing Wu (19th generation Fengyang Medicine practitioner) when he was only 7 years old.

He has studied Qi Gong and Tai Chi in China and the U.S. for over 40 years. He has received authentic Yang Style Tai Chi instruction from his Sifu Grandmaster Gin Soon Chu, disciple of Yang Sau Chung.
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Dr. Wu has been carefully instructing students in Qi Gong and Tai Chi in the U.S. for over 26 years. He has dedicated his life to healing and teaching others how to live healthy lives, and remain present in the moment by practicing Chuang Tzu’s teachings.
About andrea c

Andrea Wolf

Financial Coach

I am a Whole Wealth Advisor at Conscious Capital Wealth Management. My purpose, my soul, my reason for being here, is to help my clients use the power of money to make their world a better place and to remember that they are here for a reason. I’m here because the way we use money helps to shape our world, and our legacy. Collectively, the way we earn, save, spend and invest money dictates the trajectory of human culture and society. It can be tricky for people with progressive values, evolved world-views, or spiritual practices to responsibly align their money with their values. I’m here because I love working with people to demystify their finances, and to find deep comfort and peace in their relationship with money.

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My heart-centered approach to wealth management, one that combines left-brain and right-brain thinking, we call our CONNECT-DREAM-EMPOWER framework. I support my clients through this framework as they follow their dreams and Live Whole again.
Having survived both divorce and the death of a significant other, I specialize in clients who are undergoing some type of life transition such as death, divorce, career change or retirement, as well as those who are interested in conscious-based investing.
My office is located at 1260 Boston Post Road, Westbrook, CT 06498
860.659.8299 ext. 403
email: awolfe@consciouscapitalwm.com
website: consciouscapitalwm.com
About jenn c

Jennifer Tetrault

Wellbeing Coach

Jennifer Tetreault keeps the magic and wonder alive on the team, She uses her natural gifts as well as sacred tools passed down through her lineage of Peruvian Mesa Carriers. Her journey has taken her into a deep discovery of her own authenticity and worth. She is a Level 3 Shamanic Practitioner and a Reiki Master Teacher. She offers readings of all kinds including Tarot Card and Tea Leaf readings to help you jump start your journey. Her soul’s truth is to create sacred space for healing and help others awaken their intuition and direct their intention for their highest destiny. She is a gifted teacher and has assisted in the teaching of Dharma School for over two years. She is excited to help you heal your heart and discover true peace.

About ali c

Ali Lukasik

Wellbeing Coach

Ali Lukasic is a ball of positive energy and can’t wait to share it with you through movement and energy healing. Ali’s journey into Yoga, Reiki and Shamanism began 10 years ago because she wanted to experience “more” in life. She felt like there was “something” missing and was not sure what it was. Her cup felt empty and she needed to learn how to refill. Her yoga mat became her gateway into self care, filling her empty cup while having a blast! Reiki came into her life, adding a whole new spiritual and energetic dimension to it. Ali works with the Violet Flame, a safe, effective, loving energy that can help alleviate pain while promoting forgiveness and relaxation.
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She dove deep into shamanic wisdom and applied it to her life and found clarity about that “Thing” she was missing. She discovered she was missing herSelf. She is now a better leader of her life. Shamanic healing addresses the whole human; we are physical, emotional, intellectual and energetic beings. Ali is a passionate explorer of life and what can make it better.

About patricia c

Patricia Brousseau

Center Manager, Shamanic Practitioner

Patricia is a grounding force on the team. She has an expertise at seeing between the lines to what needs to be brought to light for healing but hasn’t been yet. She has practiced shamanic energy medicine for over three years and assists in the teaching of Dharma School. As a geologist, Trish has always had a special connection to the Earth. She is a master at creating ceremony for her clients to help shift years of heaviness and bring it in right relationship. Her heart forward approach to healing is a true gift.

About callie c

Calli Joy

Perspective Coach & Shamanic Practitioner

Calli Joy has a talent for seeing between the lines and helping clients discover hidden patterns and connections. While her state of being is pure joy, she is focused and serious when it comes time to work. She is passionate about life and happiness. Before diving into the deep shamanic work, she used to make sure everyone else was happy and satisfied all the time. She used to put tremendous pressure on herself to make sure that everything was done perfectly. She was a classic Perfectionist and People Pleaser who spent years in therapy fighting anxiety and depression that occurred due to these roles. She used happiness and joy as a mask to hide her own struggles.
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After coming to the Center for Shamanic Arts, the quote “You do you” is one of her many new mantras! Coming to the Center and graduating Dharma School taught her new thought patterns, strategies, and practices that helped her gain control of her emotions and thoughts.

Calli became a Perspective Coach who practices Shamanic healing because the Shamanic teaching and energy work has helped her learn and process things that medication and 20 years of therapy could not. She is beyond excited to hold space for you and share the teachings and healings of this amazing medicine with you.

Sarah Welch

Wellbeing Coach

Sarah is committed to growth, courage, and creative solutions with soulful connection. Sarah’s journey from darkness to light has led to a rich and empathic understanding of life’s journey. Through her own awakening, she has worked her way to living a life co-creating with spirit. She is a master of creating powerful and life changing ceremony. Sarah’s path has woven through the light-filled fields where she is a certified reiki master, through the mystical lands of the tarot, and through the evolutionary mountains as a shamanic healer. Dark or light, there is always a chance to grow with every opportunity. She offers Reiki and Shamanic Sessions. She is here to share her gifts help her clients grow, find peace, and unleash more luster to her client’s energy.

About rich c

Rich Kevorkian


Rich Kevorkian LMT, CSCS graduated from Sacred Heart University in 2011 with a degree in Exercise Science. He used this degree as a certified personal trainer where he worked closely with clients to achieve their fitness goals.

Drawn to Chinese Medicine by his interest in helping people with health conditions, Rich became licensed as a massage therapist in 2014. By continuing on a Chinese Medical path, Rich has honed his clinical expertise and deepened his knowledge and experience.

He is a certified Tui Na practitioner and Qi Gong instructor trained by Dr. Ming Wu. He currently works at Wu Healing Center’s West Hartford office.

Rich is passionate about empowering people to manage their own health by providing them the training and tools needed to direct their own wellbeing.

About sage c

Sage Crary Stachowiak

Wellbeing Coach

The first thing everyone wants to know is how someone from suburban CT started studying shamanism. The answer is actually quite simple, I tried everything else and nothing worked the way shamanism does.

I came to the Naughty Shaman like most of us do, quite by accident I often say, but really it was through fate and the universe’s divine hand (and her not so subtle hints!) I would venture to say that if you are reading this, that spirt may have brought you here as well, in the right time and in the right place for you.

I suffered from suicidal depression on and off my entire life, but one day, I found myself unable to get out from under the heaviness that was my desire to make it all end. I knew rationally that I had so much to live for, but that day, I couldn’t feel the will to keep going. It was then that the Naughty Shaman crossed my path.
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After years of therapy, medication, holistic modalities, exercise and then more therapy and medication thrown in for good measure, I reached a point where I felt like I had tried everything and nothing helped. I came to Naughty on a whim and filled with doubt and fear, but that first Shamanic Healing Session changed my life. I instantly felt the heaviness lift, like I could breathe again. While at the time I had no idea how it worked, all I knew was that I felt better. My skeptical mind kept waiting in the days and weeks ahead for the depression to come back with a gusto, but it didn’t. Instead, I found a path forward that truly healed from the inside out.

Shamanism has also enabled me to find my true calling, my dharma. For nearly 30 years I have dedicated my life to working with animals. I’ve rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of abused, neglected or medical special needs dogs, cats and horses. I was born with a gift that enables me to communicate and understand animals uniquely. Through a combination of my medical background and rescue work, along with years of animal behavior study- combined with shamanic energy medicine – I am able to bring a new type of treatment and understanding to your four legged companions. If your dog, cat, horse (or most any other animal family member) is struggling with a behavioral concern, medical issue or overall you just want to know more, let’s talk and see if there is a way I can be of service.

So, whether you yourself are struggling, want to learn and experience the power of this medicine, or you have a four legged family member who needs help, I would love to be of service to you.

Meet Our Wellness Practitioners

Here at The Naughty Shaman Center for Total Wellbeing we are committed to helping you live your totally awesome life.

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