At the Naughty Shaman Center, you will re-vitalize your soul through Ayurvedic healing, shamanic art, readings, & massage.

Our staff has done deep personal healing. We know corporate exhaustion, fear of change, mind-splitting grief, passionless living, and parenthood blues. Using healing practices from around the world, we found a way to rekindle hope, inspiration and possibilities in our lives.

We use these same techniques to support you in feeling more alive and bringing more human connection, passion and soul to the world. All of our staff are certified shamans and have specific specialties. We combine personal expertise with shamanic training to create a sacred space for you to do your healing.

Ayurvedic Consultations

In an Ayurvedic Consultation you will learn the art of healing yourself.

Are you looking to reestablish balance within yourself? Would you like to be empowered to hold your healing in your own hands? With Andréa as a guide, you will learn about potential areas of health and vitality imbalances, and receive recommendations for specific lifestyle changes to rejuvenate your spirit.

In this 60 minute consultation, you will receive an personalized analysis of the Doshas. The Doshas influence everything in life, such as, your specific body type, emotions, sleeping patterns, eating habits, and even how you process the world around you! Andrea will reveal to you the best recommended lifestyle habits based on your Ayurvedic profile.You have a unique make up, and by incorporating a few simple, individualized, daily habits, you can increase the vitality in your life.

Shamanic Healing Sessions

Shamanic Healing is a combination of coaching and ancient energetic healing techniques using the chakra and meridian systems. In a Shamanic Healing Session you can work any issue or pattern at the level of the mind, body and soul. You can clear karma, ancestral baggage, and discover destinies and soul’s callings.

Our certified practitioners are skilled at locating limiting beliefs holding you back from creating your most passionate life; assessing for the presence of intrusive energies that are ready to be removed; as well as “offline” energetic resources that are ready to re-awaken. You will heal lifetimes in each session. Through this healing work you can take giant leaps into creating your future.


Have you ever felt like you were in the wrong place? Or perhaps you’re interested in a map of how to better navigate in the world?

Our readings will help you gain clarity into how to live to your highest potential.

Astro Cartography

Vedic Astrology

Dharma Types Life Mapping

Destiny Cards

Numerology Consultation

Personology Consultation

Healing Massage

We offer the following massages to support you in feeling more Alive, so you can bring more Human ConnectionPassion and Soul to the world. All of our staff are certified shamans and have specific specialties. We combine personal expertise with shamanic training to create a sacred space for you to do your healing.  All of our massages are offered as 60, 90, or 120 minute sessions.

Hot Stone Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Swedish Massage

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Hot Stone Massage

Using shaman’s stones or “Kuyas”, these sessions bring you back into balance through the elements of Earth. Return harmony back to your body, mind and soul by clearing and re-aligning your Central Channel, from which all of your vitality flows. As your muscles release tension and old stories, our expert massage therapists, will remove energies blocking your life force and connection to Spirit. Through our therapeutic massage combined with shamanic energy work, you will leave feeling connected, centered, and with a deep sense of peace.


Deep Tissue Massage

Our Deep tissue massage is the most physically intensive massage that we offer. Deep Tissue Massage is a healing modality that focuses on releasing the deeper layers of connective tissue and can help those of you looking to alleviate pain; recover from injuries; Increase mobility or offer relief from conditions such as Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia.  Unlock and unwind and allow our shamanic massage therapists to help restore your body’s natural physical balance.


Swedish Massage

Our Swedish Massage is for people who like to go deep. As our massage therapists work in the deep muscle tissue to release tension, they also clear chakras, meridians or intrusive energies to ensure that your future is filled with even more possibilities. You will leave feeling relaxed and brand new!