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This podcast is real talk about being committed to spiritual growth. So many spiritual paths are filled with dogma and B.S. that doesn’t help you live a juicy free life. So let’s put some sacred cows in the fire ? so we can live our most authentic life, get creative, and change the world.

Sound good? Join us for inspiration, strategies and interviews of spiritual bad asses.

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Science of Why Our Work Works

In order to heal chronic stress or long held feelings of being “stuck,” we cannot solve the problem with the same mindsets and habits that created the stuck place. Mainstream psychological practices can address and heal what is held in the conscious mind. What Shamans have known, and science is catching up to (See resource list below), is that we can access the subconscious blockages and attain healing on a deep level through altered states of consciousness.

Many people associate shamanic practices with mind altering plant medicine such as Ayahuasca, Peyote, San Pedro, Mushrooms, or Cannabis. Held in sacred ceremony with a guide to help process the images and experience in these altered states can be powerful. However, at Naughty Shaman, we do not use these plant medicines in part because they can be dangerous and currently are illegal in many states.

In addition, at Naughty Shaman, we have other ways to enter into powerful states of altered consciousness through shamanic journey, meditation and breathwork. Entering into a Shamanic Journey, clients can access deep symbolic experiences that can provide fresh insight and feelings of deep remembrance and connection. These methods are safe, controlled by the client and can be powerfully processed with an experienced guide. There is an energetic world around us that we are a part of and learning to navigate it can provide context for our lives and a sense of meaning and purpose that is so important in fighting depression, anxiety and various other stuck places we have learned in our modern disconnected culture.