“The B.S. Incinerator!”

This podcast is real talk about being committed to spiritual growth. So many spiritual paths are filled with dogma and B.S. that doesn’t help you live a juicy free life. So let’s put some sacred cows in the fire 🔥 so we can live our most authentic life, get creative, and change the world. Sound good? Join us for inspiration, strategies and interviews of spiritual bad asses.

Naughty Shaman Videos

Get to know us by checking out these videos! We share a new paradigm of how the masculine and feminine energies within us need to work together so we can create. We have videos that can help you chart your course and we explain how the business got its name in the first place. “Why Naughty Shaman?” We get that one.. alot…

How to Handle a Spritual 2x4

Dharma School Videos

No one can say it better than our past graduates. Listen to their inspirational stories and how Dharma School supported their journey into spiritual bad-assery.

Interview with Natalie Griffin

Aly’s Testimonial

Chuck’s Testimonial

“Personalize Your Management Development”

If you are committed to raising the consciousness on the planet right now, you are a leader. This is why Dharma School includes so much leadership philosophy and coaching. Natalie has always been passionate about leadership. At age 16 she was leading experiential leadership courses for student governments all over the country. In college, she worked as a wilderness leadership educator for Outward Bound and eventually became the Director of Executive Development at Nationwide Financial when her ideas on leadership were published in the Harvard Business Review.

“Women On Fire”

After being published in the Harvard Business Review, Natalie started her own leadership consulting firm and developed customized culture change movements for fortune 500 companies. These efforts always started with developing the leadership teams. As her business grew, her family grew and her mom became very ill. The stress of this “Perfect Storm” fueled by a lack of self-care lead to her Spiritual 2x4 where she realized she had to go where no executive had gone before. Into the deep and ancient worlds of yoga and shamanism. Her rock bottom story is told here in the book Women on Fire.

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