Organizational Training

An Innovative Approach

Employee Wellbeing is fast becoming a priority for organizations who are interested in attracting and keeping the best talent.

Studies show that we access our best thinking and emotional intelligence when we are in a state of wellbeing.

While this is a priority for many organizations, the wellness programs are falling short.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programs, gym memberships and executive coaching are helpful, but alone, organizations are not getting the culture change results that they are looking for.

We can help.

Our team of Executive Coaches, Cognitive Based Therapists, Neurobiologists, Nutritionists and Doctors can create a Total Wellbeing Program customize to your organizational objectives.

Our team has worked in over five different countries and worked with leaders from these various organizations.

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Organizational Training 3. Colgate Palmolive
Organizational Training 2. UCONN
Organizational Training 4. MARS
Organizational Training 6. Purina

Our approach leaves
no stone unturned.

We use lecture, consulting and coaching to help leaders create the dynamic, accountable, service oriented and creative cultures that will lead to breakthrough results.

Our Signature One Day program is a great place to start with your leadership team.

Beyond Mindfulness:
The Science and Practice
of Transformation

with Dr. Rebecca Acabchuk,
Dr. Suzanne Meunier and Natalie Griffin, PCC.

Mindfulness is a fast growing topic of interest in wellness programs around the world as well as in the field of research.

Mindfulness techniques and practices, which include acceptance, non-judgement, and compassion, can be used to promote wellness alone.

But when mindfulness practices are strategically combined with techniques to expand our worldview and behaviour change strategies, long-term change is possible.

In this interactive workshop we will dazzle you with the current scientific findings on mindfulness practices that can change brain chemistry.

We also walk you though our four cornerstones of total wellbeing and share practical strategies to help each person reclaim clarity, self confidence and tools to have better conversations for action, possibility and accountability.

Finally, each participant will leave with a sense of what their personal leadership superpower and how to continue cultivating wisdom in the workplace.

Let’s Create Change In
Your Organization

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