Shamanic Work

Shamanic Work Is…

An empowering set of ancient healing practices that assist the human soul in finding connection, meaning and purpose in this life.

Working with our shamans you will learn the healing practices of the Medicine Wheel and Shamanic Journey.

The Medicine Wheel is an ancient way of viewing the world in balance.

When we “Walk the Wheel” or “Work the Wheel” we go on a heroic journey of reclaiming our personal power and returning to our natural and free state of being. We also use various energetic extraction techniques for helping you release old beliefs and ancestral patterns for good.

Shamanic Journey will help you access spiritual or energetic reality so that you can begin to create a deep and personal relationship with Spirit.

By practicing shamanic journey you can develop tremendous skill in divination, reading the signs, and interpreting dreams and intuitions.

There is a language operating through the Universe and by learning to journey between the worlds of physical reality and spiritual reality, you will deepen your trust in yourself and connection to Spirit.

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Our Practitioners Offer the Following Shamanic Services:

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Signature Shamanic Session

Shamans work between the worlds of physical reality and energetic or spiritual reality to remove blockages from many times and spaces.

In a single session we will assess energetic blockages and the thought patterns energizing the block.

Through various extraction techniques, we will remove outdated energetic codes and bring back new and improved codes associated with your highest destiny.

Our signature session includes 10-20 minutes of intake coaching to determine client agenda followed by any combination of necessary energy work to return clients to their natural “High Vibe” state of being.

Energy work can include extraction of energies, entities, old codes, ancestral patterns, cords and various other anomalies.

Our shamanic practitioners are also expert in soul retrieval, dream analysis, past life review, and destiny anchoring.

Akashic Record

The Akashic Records, also referred to as the Book of Life, are energetic records of every person’s thoughts, emotions, and experiences throughout all of time.

During a session, the Universal Light Beings who are the keepers of your Records will be consulted for guidance about your presenting concerns.

You will also have an opportunity for healing of past or current life issues while in your Records.

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Shamanic Work Tarot

Tarot Card Reading

The Tarot is an ancient art of divination, or reading the signs and symbols of Spirit in order to better understand the past, present and future.

A Tarot Reading is perfect if you are at a crossroads and want to access your inner wisdom and guidance for what is next.

In our Tarot Card Readings you will discover new possibilities for your future and leave inspired to make positive changes in your life!

Connection Coaching

Social connection is an important part of living a healthy life.

Research has shown that strong social connections may increase longevity and improve immunity.

Connection also relieves loneliness, helps us to develop our sense of identity, and offers us support to achieve our goals.

In spite of its importance, many people struggle to overcome barriers to connection including prior wounds of rejection or abandonment, fear of judgment, lack of healthy role models or communication skills to create connection, and more.

Connection coaching offers an opportunity to practice connection and provides practical tools to heal wounds, manage fears, and learn to communicate with openness and vulnerability.

The skills and experiences gained from connection coaching can be applied to romantic partnership, friendships, and family relationships.

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Shamanic Work reiki healing

Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energetic healing technique that restores balance to the body and soul.

Often these sessions are hand on healing partnered with sound healing, tibetan bowls, crystals or drumming.

These sessions will leave you feeling rejuvenated and often illuminate spirit guides and the spiritual support available to you in everyday life.

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