Specialty Training

Specialty classes for students wanting to attain mastery.

We are in it for the long haul. Our trainings teach you daily practices and thought processes that will change the way you perceive yourself and the world around you. These specialty classes are designed to take you further down the rabbit hole and expand your mind and heart through the deeper teachings of shamanism, yoga and personal development. These mastery classes can be taken in any order. When you feel called to kick it up a notch, we are ready for you.

Advanced Extraction

Pre-Requisite: Level II Dharma School or equivalent dependent upon interview.

This workshop will stretch the boundaries of possibility and teach you the steps of mastering the art of energy extraction. As people go deeper into their healing work, the energies they begin working with are larger and more complex. Students will learn various methods for energy location, extraction, and retrieval. Over 26 methods are taught in these four days. And this is the only class where the Andean Q’ero Kutti and Ayni Despacho Ceremonies are taught. We will work in many realms and discuss the ethics and safety in working with these unique energies.

Advanced Extraction is highly experiential and students can expect to discover incredible new space simply from doing their personal work. This is why many previous graduates of this class return. Each class is unique and learning takes special shape depending on the group. Many students do Advanced Extraction to go deep into their own healing. Students must have a strong understanding of the safety protocols of energy work before entering into this level of training. Only after we have learned to read a map and follow a map, can we become map makers. In this class, you will work through your fear and develop the confidence and skill to begin making maps.


2019 Advanced Extraction Training Dates:

October 17-20, 9am – 6pm; Saturday Evening Ceremony

Program Details: Four days, 9:00am – 6:00pm. Additional Ceremony Saturday Night offered once a year. Previous Advanced Extraction graduates can return at half price.

Price: $999

The Heart of Leadership

Leading Transformational Workshops & Groups

Pre-Requisite: None

If you are a yoga teacher, therapist, leading reiki workshops or run a school for spiritual growth, you are a leader. By learning the experiential learning cycle and important leadership techniques, you will be able to build trust, inspire groups and grow your clientele with incredible integrity and confidence after this workshop.

Leadership skills such as communication, conflict resolution, group dynamics, decision making and manifesting are not being taught and are at risk of being lost. As soulful helpers, we must develop the leadership skills to assist us in holding impeccable space for our clients and group members to feel safe so they can transform at a soul level.

You will learn techniques and methods for moving energy in a group to create the desired outcome, and how to diffuse difficult students. You will better understand yourself through practice of the experiential learning cycle and will be able to use the best of what you have to offer to create the desired effect in the workshops that you create.

We will be exploring the key players in group dynamics; learning the experiential learning process; and practicing storytelling and leadership skills. Be ready to get in front of a group and tell stories, lead activities, and get feedback. You will learn to give straight heart-talk, receive feedback and learn in a rapid fire environment. Finally we will put you to the test and under pressure. Decision making is the hallmark of a good workshop leader. SO expect some curve balls in this experiential learning workshop!


Program Details:

Three days, 9:00am – 6:00pm.

Offered once a year. Previous Heart of Leadership graduates can return at half price.
Price: $750

Courageous Creator

Working with Light & Shadow and Moving Beyond Fear

It’s time to remember all of your power and begin creating. This international team of transpersonal coaches and shamans can help.

We have an opportunity to create a new world and map the way toward a more empowered and collaborative era. To create in the world, you must first become the creator of your own life.

The number one thing that holds you back from creating the life we imagine is not money, it’s not lack of support, it is fear. Some fears we know. Some fears are hidden and must be worked using the deep techniques found in this program.

Everything you desire is on the other side of fear.

International Teaching Team Minerva Gebran of Chile, Mauricio Bruce of Costa Rica and Natalie Griffin of the U.S. will walk beside you as you experience your own heroic journey through the shadows and the light.

Teaching the philosophies and practices found in shamanism, yoga and transpersonal coaching, they will walk beside you and help you work through your fear and doubt. They will guide you through a powerful process to break free from old patterns and powerfully move into new ways of being.

In this workshop, you will rediscover your strength, courage, and voice with a community of fellow travelers in your quest to courage.

It’s time to create your wild and precious life. This is the calling.


Program Details

Early Bird discount: $1500 if paid in full by August 17, 2018

Deposit: $500 Non-refundable deposit due September 21, 2018

Registration closes: September 21, 2018

Event Details

Offered once every three years. $1800

October 4, 5, 6, 7, 2018
9am – 6pm + some evening program
Program begins 9am Thursday and ends 3pm Sunday

The Guest House Retreat Center
318 W Main St,
Chester, CT 06412

Program Tuition Includes
  • Overnight accommodations in shared room
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Program materials
  • Evening Ceremony

Make sure to bring appropriate clothes for the outside weather, some of the program will be outside.