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Holistic Wellness, Nutrition, Shamanic Work and Coaching Training

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40 Days to Total Wellbeing

Group coaching with an Osteopathic Doctor, Neurobiologist, Psychologist, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Shaman for 40 days.

Our diverse super team has developed an approach to walk you through the four cornerstones of optimal health: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Well Being.


Imagine a place where medical professionals value food as medicine and understand energy work. Where energy workers value science and scientists can offer insight into past lives…

We not only imagine it, we have created it.

Shamanic Work

Shamanism is a set of practices designed to get us deeply connected to what is Natural within us and around us.

With these classes and private sessions, you will have a chance to heal, create your destiny, and rediscover your sacred self.

What They’re Saying

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“When I came to Dharma School, I was missing a spark. I was going through the motions… I learned to let go of my old self and step into who I really was, behind the masks I used to wear.”

Dan Connors

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”I did everything [other trainings] before coming to Dharma School. There is a new element in Dharma School. It cuts through the bullshit and gets to the root of what’s missing. And when you find it, it’s like hitting gold and every thing changes.”

Taylor Crofton

At 52 years old, I became aware of an inner voice that urged me to wake up to my authentic life, only I had no idea what that was and where to begin. In Dharma School I discovered my gifts and aligned with my soul’s truth, I began to see the infinite possibilities that exist for me to create a life of meaning and purpose. With my newly found freedom and strength, I can be available to serve others on their soulful journey too.

Anne Sargent

Why “Naughty Shaman”?

We are turning the traditional approaches to wellness upside down. We are leading the way to a new frontier in total wellbeing.

We are not only about spiritual health, but also physical. Not only about positive mindset but emotional learning.

Our coaches can help you access and heal all facets of your life through coaching, regular classes and training programs.